Monday, February 05, 2007


You may have come here from Miserable Donuts where you saw one of the two images that were burned into my little gray cells and here you will find the other one.

These images and two things I have to say will be the last I have to offer on the matter and I will move on and complete the healing process.


Thomas Jones got 7.5 yard a carry, but they only ran 19 TIMES! "We're a running team." - Lovie Smith. My butt! If they had established the run they would have won the game. I realize that they were awful in almost every phase of the game, but they were in it for a very long time. Had they run when they had the lead they would never have lost it. Does running work? Ask the Colts, they ran 46 TIMES! And they have Manning!

This point is a little more subtle and maybe only a sub-point of the other one. If they had run the same gameplan that they ran against the Saints I think they would have won.

As I said, they managed to work their way down to being horrible in all phases of the game. They started out good on Special Teams (Kickoff return for a touchdown), Defense (interceptions and fumble recoveries) and even offense (big Thomas Jones run, Grossman actuall had a passer rating of somewhere around 120 in the 2nd quarter when Mannings was only about 85), and then lost it, so there is plenty of blame to go around.

Here is an image however that I think summed the Not-So-Superbowl all up:

It was a Train Rex!

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