Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Late Report Again

Let's see, I last posted on 12 May 13 and it is 22 May 13 today, that's 10 days and I'm supposed to be reporting my progress on my goals weekly.  Also, if I want readership then I have to post regularly, but I'm not.  You can't see it, but Sister Mary Agony of OLBA (Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration) has a yard stick (Sister don't truck with no metric) ready to crack my knuckles, as well I deserve.

I did start Exercise Across Abbott, and that's a good thing.  From 6 May 13 to 9 June 13 I have to track my workouts and try to increase the number of minutes each week.  The first week we went to Boston to pick up Little Propette #1 so it was easy to keep the minutes to a minimum.  I increased the next week by 53 minutes.  This week I am on track to increase again, even though I had a cold the end of last week through yesterday / today.

I've also been studying Greek a bit more.

I'm feeling extra guilty though because I let the deadline for two writing contests slip by and I didn't submit anything, although I had started stories for both.

I know that both Terry Pratchett and Ray Bradbury say that you need to write daily.  I think Pratchett said 400 words and Bradbury said 500.

Not an excuse (or maybe just a little excuse, please don't tell Sister) but one thing that has me a bit flustered is that I've stirred up interest in Howlina, and while I am interested in that story, it is just a bit too involved to get into right now.  Also, I really want to write a mystery story, but I'm not really sure I can do it.  All the previous mysteries I've written just don't seem to work.  I'm also fidgeting with wanting to write a fantasy, and a horror story (two different stories), but those come easy and they feel like cop-outs, but on the other hand the better fantasy stories and better horror stories don't come easy.  I suppose that seems like several (excuses) but it really comes down to state of mind.  I'm not sure what state of mind I want to put myself into and keep myself in long enough to write a story.

I know I can throw 1,000 words on a page a day, but I have to stop doing everything else to do it and in the end I have a pile of pages each with a pile of words.  I've done it multiple times and I have multiple unpublishable novels to show for it.  I don't think that's the answer.

And anyway, that's not a goal I set for myself this year.

I suppose I should go off to check the job boards and do ten Hail Mary's.

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Anonymous said...

Only 10 Hail Marys, no Our Fathers or Glory Bes? You're getting off easy, Boy..... Hey, you've accomplished some things; and you are not giving up on any of it, really... So, good for you, Bill. You give ME the push to get into my exercising and other things I know I need to get done. Thanks, sweets. Love you soooo much. xoxoxxoxo ;p Auntie Char