Thursday, May 02, 2013

Late Καλό Mήνα Again

Good new month everybody.

I'm going to give a quick rundown of my Goal progress for April.

  1. P90X = Done
  2. Learn Greek = fell back some in April, but I will get better
  3. Quarterly Dates = Fail
  4. Get a new job = I got nuthin'
  5. Get Girl Scout trained = DONE
  6. Gold JtE = too early to tell
  7. Fortnightly History Podcast = nuthin' so far
  8. Learn the trees = not yet, but we're getting close with the warm weather and new buds
  9. Archaeology activity = I got one picked out, but haven't done anything about it, yet
  10. Join a club = actually this one is probably the most interesting.  I volunteer with someone who also plays ukulele.  He's part of The North Shore Ukulele Society.  They meet and jam once a month.  I may join them.  This month's meeting is on Πάσχα so I won't be going, but coming soon...

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Anonymous said...

You've done/completed a lot more than I have, sweetness. Love you. xoxoxo Auntie Char ;-p