Sunday, May 12, 2013

Goal Poll, and Poll and Goal

My April poll was very simple.  Are you still working on your New Year's Resolution?  I'm the only one who answered and I said, "Yes."

I don't know how much easier the polls can get.

The May Poll will be about super powers.  Which one would you like to have?

This week my goal work is as follows (I'm only going to cover the goals that are not finished yet):

2.  Learn Greek = I am back to about 50% of the days, so I'm improving.  I'll have to continue to get better
3.  Quarterly Dates = I need to work on this for this quarter
4.  Get a new job = I'm checking weekly for an appropriate position
6.  Gold JtE = too early to tell
7.  Fortnightly History Podcast = nuthin' yet
8.  Learn the trees = I am going to have to start this this week
9.  Archaeology activity = I am going to learn the trees and learn to start a fire the way the Amerindians in this area did it, by hand rubbing two sticks.
10.  Join a club = I have joined the on-line group for The North Shore Ukulele Society. I will probably start meeting with them next month.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you, I voted in April; and I just voted now -- but it doesn't show my vote as registered. What the heck; are votes not registering??? I don't remember off he top of my head what I voted in April; but I voted for PSI powers just now. You really researched your powers list - I was impressed. And your to-do list was impressive also, Bill. Love you all mucho much oh. Auntie Char xoxox ;-p P.S. Uncle Greg would also like the PSI Powers. ;-p

Inner Prop said...

I have no idea why it wouldn't show. Maybe I didn't vote and only your vote showed. Most of the time I don't vote until I have a few votes because it just seems sad, lonely and pathetic to create a poll and be the only voter.

Your vote shows now, so HOORAY!