Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Pope Poll Gives Way to Return Resolutions

It seems like March came in like a Lion with no Roman Catholic Pope and went out like a tom cat and a new Pope.

It wasn't exactly spring-like around me for the closing of March.  There are still patches of snow and the nights are in the 20s.

With the closing of March comes the closing of the March poll, which is good because it concerned the steps the new Pope should take.  Since Francis has taken office already and the month has ended it is time to review and set up a new poll.

The March poll was:

Assuming you are elected Pope and assuming you accept the job and assuming you can actually change some things, what would be the FIRST thing you change?

  1. Homosexuality is no longer a sin
  2. Priests can get married, and/or married people can become priests (all clergy really)
  3. Women can be priests (bishops, Pope, etc.)
  4. Birth control is not a sin
  5. Fertilized human egg cells are NOT people
  6. Zero tolerance policy on pedophilia and other sex crimes
  7. Reunite with the Orthodox Church
  8. Other
There were 2 votes for a Zero Tolerance Policy.  I think that is also what the Cardinals were thinking, and is most likely going to be very high on Francis' To Do list.

We also had a comment about Cafeteria Catholics from LTC John.  I'm glad we finally had some discussion about a poll.

For April I was thinking that we could keep things very simple.  Since Quarter 1 - 2013 is under our belts let's look at New Year's Resolutions.

Are you still following your New Year's Resolution?

You may not be doing very well, but I want to know if you have completely abandoned it or if you are struggling with it. 

It would also be nice to know if anyone is being completely successful with it.  By now, if you have stuck with one single resolution it has probably become habitual.  If it has then there is little possibility that you will fail at it for the rest of the year.  Let's hear from you too, but don't brag too much.

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