Monday, February 11, 2013

P90X eX-Xvi

Going to take up cycling around Miami?
I have completed week V of my P90X work.  I completed week IV but that was a cake walk because it was the resting week.  Week V started Phase II with some new routines and a slightly different pattern.  It was a bit tough because of scheduling.  I had to skip Tuesday and I didn't get to Friday or Saturday until after 10:00pm (2200).  It is done now though and in the books, now to continue with Phase II.

If you are wondering about all the roman numerals it is because I found out this morning that today they confirmed that Pope Benedict XVI is going to retire at the end of the month.  RETIRE?  I didn't know they could do that.  Wikipedia says the last time a Pope retired was in 1415 (that's before there WAS an America (the continents I mean, not just the country (and by this I'm sure you know my tongue is firmly plastered to my cheek)))!  I wonder what the deal is exactly and when the College of Cardinals will meet up to elect a new one.  I'll have to keep an eye on it.

I'll let you know right now that although I consider myself a Secular Catholic and a Deist, if I'm elected, I WILL serve.  It has always been my contention that if the College of Cardinals sends up the white smoke and comes out with MY name then the hand of God must be in there somewhere.  Who am I to question the will of God?

My Girl Scout goal is to get Outdoor Training.  I have yet to reschedule, but I do have new emphasis and reason to get off my thinking place and do so.  Our troop is planning a camping trip in April and next month is March, when I have to get my training.

On a Chicago Lincoln Avenue Trail note.  As you know my goal is to develop and write a fortnightly podcast of Chicago History to reinforce and compliment the CLAT work we're doing.  This afternoon I'm meeting with part of the steering committee to do a little steering.  We are going to work on writing a proposal for prospective Eagle Scout candidates so that the project to work on the CLAT with us is within the guidelines of the requirements for the Eagle Scout project.

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