Saturday, February 02, 2013

Καλό μήνα! February Late

Boy-howdy do I have a lot to report.  I may have to do it in a couple of posts.  I need to tell you about last month's poll and this month's poll.  Also, I need to tell you about my January goal review and what's coming up for February

I will go in order of priority:

  1. When I do my yoga today I will have completed my first month of P90X and everything is going fine so far.  The only problem is that I'm hovering around 231 lbs.  I would really like to get below 220, but I don't seem to be losing really.  I know my waist is getting smaller and I'm getting bigger, but in the past by this time I'd be starting to go down steadily.  We will see how it goes.  I don't really have enough time to add additional workouts so I'll just have to be better about my diet.
  2. For Greek I have been studying almost every day with flashcards.  That's good, but not good enough.  I need to get some sort of immersion and pronunciation guide.
  3. For Quarterly dates I was supposed to calendarize them by now, but I haven't.  I was also supposed to make some reservations, which I haven't.  No excuses; this is my third priority goal and I need to get this done.
  4. I'm also supposed to report weekly about my Girl Scout training, but I haven't done any yet this month.  I am behind on that and I need to get on the stick.
  5. Get a new job.  This is a bit complicated.  As my last post showed, the wheel of meat missed me by that much.  I do still have a job thanks to random chance.  I have left off my search until that was over.  I have contacted my mentor and he wants to continue.  I'll start looking again this week.
  6. Gold Commissioner JtE points is hard to judge right now, but we are recruiting in the right direction.
  7. The history podcast is kind of directionless right now.  I partially blame you readers because I have gotten no response to my post to discuss format for this.  I have been looking into Chicago history, gotten DVDs and listened to history podcast.  All this is good, but without a good solid plan it will go no where and that's where it is right now.
  8. Learn the trees has been postponed until spring and when it comes back I want to learn the trees in a way that will tie in with my 9th goal.
  9. Participate in an Archaeology activity.  I've chosen learning to start a fire in the traditional way.  It seems that the hand-stick method was almost universally used by Amerindians.  I'm going to learn to do that and I'm going to experiment with different woods from different trees (see how that ties in) and try to see what types of woods they would have used.  It's going to wait until Spring too though.
  10.  Join a club is the lowest priority and I've put it off for now.  I'm short on a lot of the other goals and need to bring them up to speed first.
This looks like I'm just complaining about myself.  The truth is that I've been very busy, but I DO need to buckle down.  I will try to make a better effort in February.

I will talk about my plans to make all this happen and my polls in the next post...

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