Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Path to the End of 2011

I put forth the question:  "Which book should I work on and get to a publisher by the end of the year?"  I gave you five choices to vote on, and I got 16 answers.  That's not bad for one of my polls.

The choices and results were:
Eve's Christmas Eve Adventure
Reach Out
Guya Principal
Boys of Saint Leonard's
St. Leonard's is the clear winner, and I'd be happy to do that one.

My wife, however, voted for Eve's Christmas Eve Adventure, so I'm inclined to do what she says.  She told me that I can do whatever I want, but I’m conflicted.  Of course I don’t want to ignore the voters, and I want to do what my wife says, and I want to do St. Leonard’s.

I think I will try to do both.  I will work on both of them.  I suspect I will be able to finish Eve before the end of the year, and I will have to continue BoSL into next year, but that will be alright.

Thank you so much my voters.  I hope you also continued on and read some of the older posts or maybe, dare I hope; the whole blog?

There is one more thing, aside from the fact that I will have to finish Nightmares of Katrina.

I am going to have to set in my mind that writing is my second job, no, I’m going to have to set my mind that my job at Abbott is my second job, and that my writing is my real career.

What would a boss expect?  Daily output, working every day, producing results, certainly.  I will have to provide those if I am going to get anywhere with all of this.

This is not a hobby, Rugby is a hobby, Ukulele is a hobby. 

Exercise in all it’s guises is a way of life, a lifestyle.  It’s what I must do to physically live.

Scouts is my vocation, my duty to the community of mankind. It is what I must do to spiritually live.

Being a good father and husband is what I am, I cannot be any other way.

Abbott pays the bills, but it is neither my soul nor my life.  It facilitates me, it doesn’t define me.

I am an artist and writing is my career.  I best start ACTING accordingly.

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