Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!

I can't believe October is over and ten months of 2011 are over.  I'm not ready.  I'm on a roll with Nightmares of Katrina.  I had hoped to climax on Halloween, but I missed that.

I was trying to commute to work by bike 75 times this year before the end of October.  Though I went again today, my 73d and I will make 75 this year, I didn't do it before the end of October.  If the weather goes bad I'm done.  Then at the end of November we are being moved to a building who's only entrance is off a highway.  Once we move there I will not be able to commute by bike, period.

I did have a good health screening today, and I suppose I should see all this as the glass being half full.

Oh, and I have had more posts on this blog this year than any other year.  The funny thing is that even though my output has been tremendous, very little if any of it has been fiction.  I'm almost out of fiction practice.

My plan for November:  I am NOT doing NaNoWriMo this year.  I am going to edit one of the books I wrote in previous years and get it to a publisher by the end of the month.  I plan on spending as much time as I would have to write a new one, but I'm really not sure how not to cheat myself.

I can write garbage each year and do nothing with it or I can improve and better my output.  It's time to be an author not just a writer.

Oh, and since October is over, no more horror.

Happy Halloween!

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E. H. La Fleur said...

what is up with you and cathulu? as your daughter...i do not understand your fascination with that green, flying octopus.