Monday, October 22, 2007

Fund Raising (the dead) Day

Random Cthulhu image today, cuz I was rather busy.

I started the day working with my old Illinois Army National Guard unit. They are deploying soon and I volunteered to help with family support (called the Family Readiness Group or FRG).

When I got there today (the first time I actually went to anything or got any information about it) I was informed that I had volunteered to Lead the group. Well, I did say I'd do anything they needed.

As soon as that was over I had to run because I was late for our local GSUSA group's second annual spaghetti dinner. I did that until we had sold all the spaghetti and cleaned up. Then I went home, slept for about an hour and off to work for the night. Whew.

BTW, here is the Distinctive Unit Insigna for my old unit. I like to think Sine Qua Non means:
Sine = wave

Qua = what

Non = none (duh)

Therefore it stands for, "What, no waves?" I add a silent "Dude" to the end.

In reality is means, "That, with which cannot be done" or, "You need this. "

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