Thursday, April 12, 2007

Na Ah Not Gunna Do It.

Wouldn't be prudent so I won't post again until I here back from the testing folks at USA Rugby. I'm going to send my third and final try at the Rugby Referee Level 1 test in and I'll get back to you later.

I'm also not going to tell you that I'm working on a new serial. It will be called Empire Beyond Mars, but you won't know that until I actually write Episode I and post it. It wouldn't be prudent to say something like that with no product to back it up.

I am currently writing a Horror SciFi story for Apex and then I'm going to write another for Alien Skin's new contest. Along with that and the officially unannounced Empire Beyond Mars, I'm going to edit "Lest Too Light Winning Makes the Prize Light" based on input I got at Mirable Visu.

So, nothing much on my plate right now. I'll get back to you when I have something solid.

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