Thursday, April 05, 2007

Failure, Failure and More Failure

Failure seems to be the theme for March. I failed the Rugby Ref test and then sent in corrections and still didn't pass yet. I did find out that one of my answers wasn't wrong so now I only need two more right answers out of four and I'm really sure I know the answers.

I also failed to do 50 hours of editing on my book, Guya Principal in March. That was part of NaNoEdMo. I'm really disappointed in that. I've got loads of excuses, the above-mentioned Ref test, two-three day drills with the National Guard and on and on. The point is I didn't do it. Now I have to keep going and my plan was to start working on new stories and submitting queries with the book. That's on hold.

I'm not doing so well with my New Year's Resolutions. I planned on submitting 12 short stories to PAYING publishers. I haven't sent one yet. I planned on making 6 queries with my book. It's not ready yet. I planned on swimming 100 miles (not that hard if I had a chance to swim at all, it's just two miles a week).

I also planned on retiring from the Guard at April's drill. They're having a hail and farewell and a bunch of awards handed out next drill so I would have been there anyway. I might as well get paid, but this means I'm not out yet.
Let's hope next week shows an upturn. I'm optimistic.

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