Monday, February 24, 2014

Official Writing Day!

I do declare, ahem, I mean I make the following declaration:  Mondays will now officially be Writing Day.

I had been trying to write daily and that is great, but sometimes I don't get a chance and I fall behind, and I get discouraged.  It's not so much that I don't have ideas or stories to write; I'm working on three things right now including a novel.  It's just that I know the way I work and once I get stated I'm going to work until I finish or something external stops me.  I know once I sit down to write I'm going to be locked in.

Alternately, I can't just sit and write for fifteen minutes at a pop, or thirty or forty five.  For the most part anything I write is going to take me the better part of an hour at least.  I get in the zone, and to do that takes time, but as I said above, once I'm there the time just flies by.

Terry Pratchett, Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury all extol the virtues of writing everyday.  I can't argue with that, but I think at this moment in time the best thing for me will be to make one specific day a week my big writing day.

This concept has worked very well for me with the library.  Wednesday is Library Day at our house.  I get books and return books on Wednesday.  It's been that way for years and it keeps everything in check.

I think this could work for me with writing.  I think I would be more comfortable knowing that I'm going to spend three hours of so on one day.

I'll take Wednesday as an Auxiliary Writing Day.  I can't take every Wednesday because I do Scouting stuff on some Wednesdays in the month.

This is day one of this experiment.  Let's see how it works.

On another note, I've fallen behind in my writing goal for this year already.  My goal is to get Hidden Temple to the Lost Gods (my 2013 NaNo) published.

My first step was to finish fleshing out the book itself.  I planned to go back and complete all those areas where I left a note to add details and such.  I was planning on doing this in January and February.

This would have prepared me to be ready to participate in NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month).  This program is to edit your completed novel for 50 hours in March.  Now, filling in those parts is going to have to be part of my 50 hours.

How is this 50 hours going to work with Writing Day?  I'm still going to keep Writing Day going, and do actual writing production on that day.  I will also make sure I post on Mondays.  There are 5 Mondays in March (dang) so that leaves me 26 days.  If I edit 2 hours a day then I can make it.

I think I'm also going to count the new material I create for the novel in my Writing Day, which will ease things up a bit.

I'll keep you informed.  You will see something no later than next Monday, if not sooner.

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