Saturday, January 18, 2014

How Do You Get Chicago?

Chicago skyline April 18, 2009, from Northerly Island looking west (thank you Wikipedia)

At the Museum of Science and Industry

I got Portland, but I've no idea how anyone would get Chicago based on the choices they give.  There were almost none of the choices I would have picked, so I had to go with the one that was least wrong.

I'll review the questions, the choices they give, my answers (in bold) and the right (Chicago) answers:

1.      How do you take your coffee?
a.       Local & Organic
b.      By the pot
c.       I don't drink coffee
d.      Cappuccio, extra foam
e.       Pour over [I don't have any idea what this is]
f.       Iced
g.      Espresso, double shot
h.      Skinny vanilla latte (I don't know what normal coffee with zero calorie sweetener would be so I picked this)
i.        Black, like my soul
j.        CHICAGO ANSWER:  Hot, it's winter dang it!
2.      What's your jam?
a.       "Hips Don't Lie" - Shakira
b.      "Sweet Child 'O Mine" - Guns and Roses
c.       "Timber" Pitbull
d.      "Skinny Love" Bon Iver
e.       "Bangarang" Skrillex
f.       "Partition" Beyonce
g.      "Lights" Ellie Goulding
h.      "Royals" Lorde
i.        "Suit & Tie" Justin Timberlake
j.        CHICAGO ANSWER: "LSD" (the song by  Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah or the street)
3.      What could you eat forever?
a.       Beans and rice
b.      Chocolate
c.       Steak and potatoes (this is Chicago acceptable)
d.      Tacos, burritos, enchiladas
e.       Pizza (Chicago acceptable)
f.       Chicken
g.      Curry
h.      Bread
i.        Sushi
j.        CHICAGO ANSWER:  possible acceptable answers include: Italian beef sammich, polish sawseege, Chicago Style Pizza (no, this is different than just pizza)
4.      Pick a #hashtag (I'd like to think that the real appropriate Chicago answer is, "None" but I know some of you think this, "Pound sign" is a hashtag thingie so I'll give it to you):
a.       #YAASSS
b.      #WINNING
c.       #FOODPORN (I've actually done this with Chicago Style pizza so I picked it)
d.      #BALLIN
f.       #YOLO but used ironically
g.      #YOLO
h.      #NO FILTER
i.        #BLESSED
j.        CHICAGO ANSWER: some acceptable: #DABEARS, #DABULLS, #DAHAWKS
5.      Pick a Beyoncé:
a.       Super Bowl
b.      Secret Album
c.       "Crazy in Love" (she samples Chicago's own The Chi-Lites' 1970 song "Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)." and I knew that)
d.      "Who Run the World (Girls)"
e.       Illuminati
f.       "Single Ladies"
g.      Destiny's Child
h.      #22DAYSVEGAN
i.        Glastonbury
j.        CHICAGO ANSWER:  since it's limited to Beyoncé I'd say either my choice or "Cadillac Records" because it's about Chicago's Chess Records and she plays Etta James (even though that's a terrible movie filmed in New Jersey!)
6.      What's on top of your bucket list?
a.       Go on safari
b.      Go to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix
c.       Road Trip America
d.      Backpacking Europe
e.       Summer in the Hamptons
f.       Relaxing in Bali (or I want a vacation in the islands: Northerly, Goose and Blue)
g.      Wine tasting in Tuscany
h.      Skydiving
i.        Coachella
j.        CHICAGO ANSWER: Watch the Cubs win the World Series because if I can't die until then, I'll live forever
7.      Pick your poison
a.       Gin & Tonic
b.      Shots
c.       Red wine
d.      Beer
e.       Whiskey
f.       Mojito (closest I could get to my choice, margaritas)
g.      Wine
h.      Local craft beer (I suppose if you chose Goose Island it would be Chicago acceptable)
i.        Vodka soda
j.        CHICAGO ANSWER:  Orange and Blue Kool-Aid, my friend
8.      What do you look for in a mate?
a.       Dancing ability
b.      Spontaneity
c.       Sense of humor (Second City?)
d.      No style = no way
e.       Smooth
f.       Smart
g.      Witty
h.      Sexy
i.        Money
j.        CHICAGO ANSWER:  Gotta love Chicago, and being able to shovel snow is a plus
9.      How do you exercise?
a.       Yoga
b.      Shopping
c.       Sex
d.      Partying
e.       Don't need to
f.       Extreme sports
g.      Hiking (after taking Da Metra to Da Loop to see the Christmas tree and the windows at MARSHALL FIELDS (muck Facy's))
h.      Living life
i.        What's exercise?
j.    CHICAGO ANSWER:  Celebrating Da Hawks Stanley Cup win, or screaming at da TV when Da Bears are losing to dose packers (I refuse to capitalize their name)


Spockgirl said...

Rather difficult picking the closest response when none of them were even remotely close, or I had no clue. I got: Cape Town. The strange thing about this? I've never even thought of going to South Africa.

Inner Prop said...

Wouldn't it be funny if you finally went there and felt like you were meant to be there all along; and an internet survey knew it somehow?

Spockgirl said...

That's deep. I think I am going to take it over without just guessing which Beyoncé version to choose.