Thursday, December 05, 2013

I Won, Really I Did has a bimonthly flash fiction contest.  They give a theme and you try to write a Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror short story no more than 100 words.

Back in July I submitted a short story to that contest.  The theme of the contest was, "Reality TV."

I hate reality TV, but I wrote a story and entered anyway.

And I won first place.

My story is called "Real Other World."  You can go there to read the prize wining story (actually there is no "prize" but I like to tell people I'm a prize winning author).

I've entered this contest before and won several times.  I really like it.  It was actually where I learned about Flash Fiction.  The first story I ever wrote in that style, and the first story I ever had "published" was for Anotherealm.  I think the first story I ever sold was for them too.  That one was called, "Alone" and it's still one of my favorites.


Ryan La Fleur said...

Congradulations Bill!

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