Friday, November 29, 2013

I Won Again!

The book is called, Hidden Temple to the Lost Gods.  It's a horror novel.

This was by far the easiest one to actually finish and I got to 50,000 words earlier than any previous attempt.  I was actually within 350 words on Wednesday, 27 Nov 13, but some of that was an outline I wrote after the beginning of November and when I pulled it out it was almost a thousand words.  I made those up and added the last bit.

I thought I would end up with more of a novel "kit."  A collection of unlinked chapters or scenes with instructions on how to put them together and what needed to be added to connect them.  That's not quite what I have.  This has a beginning, middle and an end.  Some of the characters need to be built up, and some switched up in their roles, but it is mostly in there in sloppy, ugly, unreadable first draft.

I only hope I can focus long enough and hard enough to get it fixed up enough to send it out to publishers.  That will have to wait for another month.

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