Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I wrote two new jokes this year, but I only like the one so that's the one I'll share.

A man was drinking in a bar one St. Patrick's Day and he needed to relieve himself, so he went into the men's room.  He couldn't believe what he found there.  Standing on the rim of the urinal, dressed in green knee pants, a velvet green long coat, and a tall green hat, was a tiny man with a huge orange beard. 

"Oh my goodness, are you a leprechaun?" the man asked as he joined the strange little man in using the facilities.

"Why, sure and begora.  A leprechaun I am certainly, lad."

"Do you have a crock of gold?"

"Well, I sure do, but t'day it's cloudy and there are no rainbows, so here I enjoy the day, safe in knowing me fortune is far from prying eyes."  He closed his fly.

They young man finished up and went back to his friends.  A little while and not a few beer later he needed to visit the facilities again.

In the men's room he found his new friend standing on the edge of urinal again.

"Hello again."

"And hello yerself.  Are you enjoying the day?"  the leprechaun asked.


"Slan leat!"  They went their separate ways once again.

The young man drank even more with his friends then he had before, and it wasn't long at all before he had to make another visit to the little boys' room.

Sure enough the leprechaun was filling up the urinal again.

"We seem to meet here very often," the young man said as he move up in the next urinal.

"They don't call us the Wee folk for nuthin."

Slainte chugat!


Anonymous said...

Cute, I liked it, Bill. Love, Auntie Char xoxoxoxoxo ;-p

Inner Prop said...

Thanks. Mike said it had potential.

It didn't hit it out of the park, but it is cute, nice and gentle.

I think a lot of people expect it to get dirty or nasty, but it is just cute.