Sunday, February 12, 2012

What, no writing goal?

You may have noticed that I have 5 goals this year:

Physical: Complete P90X
Physical: Get a new job
Spiritual: Earn Commissioner's Key
Mental: Learn Greek
Social: Quarterly Dates

These were based on the four needs as described by Stephen Covey in First Things First.  I was pressed for time and I hadn't (still haven't) finished reading the book before I need to decide on some resolutions for the new year.

Now I have read further and I see that I could have (probably should have) goals for each role I play in my life.  So far I've identified my roles as:
  • Family man (father, son, brother and husband)
  • Scouter
  • Musician
  • Writer
  • Worker
I suppose "musician" is a stretch and I should probably make Archaeologist (or at the very least Archaeology enthusiast) a role if I ever actually want to become an Archaeologist as I have in my longest range plan.

Anyway, writer is sitting there without a goal.  The other one without a goal is musician, but 2011 was really the year I concentrated all my spare time on my Uke and I think I need to back off that this year.

What will I make my writing goal?  Should I make a writing goal, or will that just be too many things to try to work on?

In a way I look at anything I do and try to weigh how I spend my time against my goals and who I want to be (my roles).  Five things competing for my time is already stretching things.  How would I fit it in?

I feel like I need to fit it in or abandon it altogether, but my mental health somewhat relies on it.  I find myself pining for it and without a VERY strong goal that can guiltlessly preempt other activities I can't focus.  I haven't really written anything in a long time, probably over a year.

I guess I need to make at least this one goal, right here and right now.  I need to finish "Nightmares of Katrina" this month, no matter what else suffers.

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