Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Follow Me!

I may not be Infantry, but you can certainly follow me.  I've got my EMail tab!

If you received notification of this post by email then it was because I have set up an automatic notification for you by email.  Please let me know if it worked and if you want or don't want it to continue.  I can only put 10 email addresses on there and I want them to be the right ones.

If you are reading this and you didn't already get an email notification, AND you want one, you can let me know down on the right hand side of this blog.  It is right below the list of stories and posts.  Just put your email address in there and then every time I post (over 100 times last year so maybe twice a week) you will get your own personal email telling you about it.

If you got an email and you think someone else would enjoy getting an email then you can forward your email to them, then can come on the blog and they can add their address to the same place as mentioned in the last paragraph.

I get a lot of traffic when I send an email telling people to come see the newest post.  This way it will be automatic and if everyone that wants a notification puts in their email then I won't miss anyone!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I recieved your e-mail but I don't understand what you're asking? I think I'm on your automatic list and would choose to remain so?

...Mike Mc