Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bike Commute, the Next Week

Monday, 9 Aug 10 IN TO WORK - Saw lightning from my window, but it was only in the clouds, the ground was dry and I couldn't hear any thunder, I decided to go for it. It started raining before I got to Seymour. It rained very hard the whole way. By the time I got to the trail the lightning was very bright and frequent, after Butterfield I decided it was too dangerous (being under trees and power lines) to stay on the trail so I moved to Hawley. I tried to ride on the street, but it wasn't paved yet and the street was filled with water. I moved to the sidewalk, but that wasn't draining right either. I moved back to the street at about the self storage store (right before Culvers). That was better and there was no traffic. The back gates were closed (have to find out when they open) so I had to ride to Rte 43 and finish there.

I counted the following:
3 stop signs in Cambridge Country
10 stop signs along the road and I estimate
3 in Abbott Park.

My count may be off because I spent some of the time on Hawley and never made it into AP.

I counted:
9 lights and
3 RR crossings.

HOME - Not anything remarkable. Times were very much estimates

Tuesday, 10 Aug 10
IN TO WORK - Went for speed today. I rode in on Hawley to the Trail. Then at Butterfield I went back to Hawley. I rode up St. Mary's. I caught all the lights.

HOME - Went down Waukegan Rd to Atkinson, then to Oak Spring Rd (it had a roadside bike trail that goes right past the beach at Minear Lake). I took side streets down to Hawley just before Milwaukee, then Hawley to Milwaukee and back to the trail. I synced with a slightly older couple who were riding my way. The guy had a road bike, but the woman had a mountain bike. I had a hard time keeping up with them and she didn't look like she was putting in anywhere near the effort I was. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I didn't have my computer with me. Took the Carmel parking lot to McAllister to Brice to Countryside (it's under construction, but I rode through the gravel/dirt) to Prospect. I was pedaling hard the whole way and still I could only get it down to 50 min. I had studied the maps and this is the shortest/fastest way short of riding the whole way on the big streets. Must find a better way to get home to the daughter.

Wednesday, 11 Aug 10
IN TO WORK - Got caught by a train near Seymour, then again almost on Atkinson (the train cleared the road before I got there off the hill). I took Hawley - Trail - Butterfield - Hawley - St.Mary's - Atkinson - Waukegan. Not all the lights were in my favor so I didn't repeat my time. The driveway in to the condos also links to the Abbott driveway so I don't have to ride the last few hundred feet on the street.

HOME - Tried a new route that I got off the map, but one of the streets turned out to be gravel then a two track and then it was completely overgrown. The route is supposed to be 9.3 miles and they estimate 48 minutes. Even though I blew off almost all the stop signs I had a 7mph wind out of the WSW and it took me 56 minutes. I get more tired as the week goes on. I don't know if I can keep it up, but I certainly can't rely on being able to make it home in time for Sophia. I'm going to have to drive half way and ride the rest.

Thursday, 12 Aug 10
IN TO WORK - I didn't feel very strong and didn't think I was going very fast. I got a late start because I slept late because I went to bed late. I basically took the same route as yesterday, but I didn't get caught by a train. There is a display speedometer on Hawley and it showed I was going 14mph. Made good time though.

HOME - I thought I'd be tired and didn't think I had to hurry so I took it easy. It seemed easier than yesterday. I didn't get stopped by anything unusual and took the same route as yesterday (with less effort) and got home 4 min earlier.

Friday the 13th
Wanted to try driving part way in, but I had too much to do today and wanted to get the daughter as early as possible so I drove all the way.

I worked from home Monday and Tuesday so no ride. I did drive the route to look for a place to park. The trail is about a third of the way (3 miles), but it's right near Carmel HS and so no parking. Half way is right near Libertyville HS and no parking there either. I might have to re-think the idea of driving part way.

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