Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 18 - Speculation and Society

From 30 Days of Worldbuilding (I've modified it a bit):

1. Revise your cultural write-up from Day 10 to include your speculative element
ANSWER: I originally wrote it with my magic (magklik) in mind. I reviewed it and that is still true.

2. Answer the questions.
--a. How does the addition of magklik, with all of its powers and limitations, affects your culture and society?
ANSWER: This is a VERY open ended question. I think Days 13 and 16 went into this exhaustively and it should be pretty clear by now.

--b. How are people different in your culture, now that you have magklik?
ANSWER: It is a power that they fight over; it is the technology that drives progress and wealth. Imagine how much electricity changed the world, agriculture, automobiles, railroads, telephones, and computers. That's the kind of change it had over people. The GOE has no magic, but they have Romanesque technology. The introduction of magklik to them was like introducing gunpowder or the printing press to the Romans would have been.

--c. With magklik in the world, does that change how people react to unexpected situations?
ANSWER: Magklik is very predictable and permeates society. People today don't think twice about computers, but some still believe in magic and fairies. Within the framework of magklik people aren't surprised, but outside of it they are still just one step into civilization. Magklik didn't change that.

--d. Do people still bother to pray?
ANSWER: This question was in 30 Days specifically for stories that have a mythological bent. Mine doesn't but I wanted to touch on this. Wizard magklik is technology, Klelryn magklik is religion, but it's regular, organized religion like Catholicism. Catholics take for granted that the bread and wine are miraculously transformed into Flesh and Blood. Devotees of the Klelryn, the followers are no more surprised by the priestesses powers than the followers of faith healers, in fact they expect it. Do they pray? If the Priestess tells them to they do.

--e. How do crimes happen, or do they not happen at all?
ANSWER: Precognition is not a power of magklik. Postcognition may be available and enchanting witnesses to discover forgotten memories are available. These are controlled by the Priestesses. Law and law enforcement is a very interesting topic and deserves more time and space than here.

--f. How does a teen go on a date?

--g. How is society the same? What do you think basic, unchanging human behaviors are? What do you think people will continue to do, with or without magklik?

--h. How do "ordinary" people react to those with or without the ability to use magklik?

3. As a bonus, you can get back to your character sketch and figure out where your protagonist and supporting cast fit into your speculative elements and society.
ANSWER: That's exactly what the story is about, so it doesn't really make sense to do that here.

(more to come)

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