Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 17 – Moody Review

1. Pull out the list of adjectives you wrote down that set the mood for your novel...Read them out loud.

2. Take out your notes on your speculative element. Read your rules out loud.

3. Try describing how your speculative element works in your novel. How do you feel when you describe it?

4. Look at what you decided to name your speculative element. Say the name out loud and decide if you feel the way you want to feel when you read your novel.

5. Rename and rework your speculative elements and their rules if you need to.

I was thinking of recording myself reading these things and posting the audio link, but that would just be silly. You can read them out loud yourself if you want.

1. ADJECTIVES: Sexy, Dangerous, Magical, Larger than life, Erotic, Powerful, Action-packed

2. Rules, they were just back one post.

3. I won't write the description, but when I describe the parts that the Priestesses use, I think they're a bit naughty (which IS what I'm shooting for) and the Wizard stuff is a bit mundane, but it is supposed to be mysterious simply because Wizards love the details so much that no one not a Wizard can penetrate the jargon. The heroic feeling comes from the Paladin's use of magic, just as it's supposed to.

4. Name? Name? I haven't really (cough cough) named magic yet. I guess I'll have to do that now huh? How about the power, the force of magic is called klik and the use of magic is called magklik.

5. NA yet.

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