Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Poll - Organizer

Our last poll, "What Should We Call the Day After Thanksgiving?" only got two votes (one of them mine) so I'll just have to call it Retail Friday from now on.

Our new poll is about organizers.

How do you organize your day; how do you plan your life?

I use a Palm based PDA (Palm TX) and I'm quite happy with it. For Christmas, I'm going to get a keyboard for it and an FM transmitter. The FM transmitter will let me use my TX as an MP3 player in the car.

I actually use my PDA everyday. I use it for work in several ways. I use it to organize my daily personal schedule, to do list and contacts. I also use it for writing and I have songs on it.

I recently purchased for my eldest Propette a Franklin day planner. She uses it constantly.

Mrs. Prop (my wife) uses loose paper on a writing pad for her planning.

Mrs. Prop (my mom) uses a pocket calendar (last I checked).

What do you use?


Anonymous said...

I use my blackberry phone. It has my work e-mail, address book and calendar all rolled up into one. I can also surf the internet if I'm bored or need to find that pesky crossword puzzle clue.

Inner Prop said...

Great to hear from you OldBoy.

I've just managed to start watching those DVDs you sent me. WOW, the picture quality is great.

I rarely use my PDA for the web since I need a WiFi hotspot which are rare around here.

Inner Prop said...

Oh yeah, OldBoy, make sure you vote on the poll. A Blackberry would be considered a Smartphone, right?