Friday, September 07, 2007


The RWC (Rugby World Cup) started today at 1:00PM my time.

I programmed my STUPID TV to tape the France v Argentina AND the USA v England and it didn’t work!!!! I’ll figure that dang thing out yet.

There are 48 games total (so I still have 46 more to get it right) from now until October. I’m rooting for New Zealand (Ka Mate!) since the USA will be lucky to win one game.

I had gotten the cable (then satellite) package that had Fox Sport World especially because they had Rugby. That was how I saw the last RWC. A year ago or so FSW was castrated and became Fox Soccer Channel (they removed almost all their Rugby). I was dieing, but now Mrs. Prop (God bless her heart) found out that we have Setanta Sport channel in our package. They claim they’re carrying all the games.

Can you say Woo Hoo? I knew you could.

Also, on Miserable Donuts there is a very nifty video of yours truly playing Rugby in Champaign – Urbana two weeks ago. I’m wearing number 1.


jenn said...

AHHHH the beautiful sport of RUGBY!!!!!

Inner Prop said...

I'm so glad you like it and I'm so glad you twisted the "Beautiful Sport" thing. You know that's what some people call soccer.

Don't tell me what happened in the RWC. I had a friend record the games for me and I haven't watched them yet.