Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Potter Clarification

The previous post contained a prediction made a couple of days before the seventh and final (by my prediction) Harry Potter book came out.

I wrote "opinions" which now seems like my review of the book after I had read it. I have not finished the book, but the day after it came out I searched the web to find out if my predictions were correct.

Number 1, we'll have to wait on. Numbers 3 and 4, that Dumbledore is alive and Snape killed the horcrux were both completely wrong. Numer 2 though, was spot on and by far the most important one in my mind.

Another thing, I commented that The Order of the Phoenix omitted the part of Snape's memories where Lily (Harry's mom) saves Snape from James Potter's teasing. Now, in light of the last book that seems like either a bigger gaff than before OR it was planned to avoid reminding people of the relationship between Snape and Lily and thus providing one more clue that Snape was not evil.

So, who's read the last book and what do they think?


jenn said...

I think your right

Inner Prop said...

Jenn, do you mean I was right about the movie?