Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prop Future

I may update this as we go.

Things I think we will do or have in the next 100 years:
Looks like we will put a base on the moon.
2. Base on Mars
3. Surgically implant phone/web in our heads
4. Use hollowed out asteroids as space habitats (spabitats) in earth orbit
a. Turn one of Mars' moons into a spabitat
b. Use spabitats in the asteroid belt
c. Start building spabitats in Jupiter orbit
5. Space elevator
6. Virtual reality morass (I think virtual reality (video games) will slow down progress as people get too wrapped up in it and eventually it could destroy civilization because too many people will refuse to deal with reality).
7. Nanomeds – medical treatments will be performed by molecular robots that are programmed to do certain things (go into a cell and rewrite the DNA etc.)
8. Required genetic screening for all fetuses
9. Genetic manipulation (improvements) of humans
10. Cloning of human body parts in order to prolong life (at age 60 you get a whole new set of lungs, heart, liver etc.)
11. Find life on Europa
12. Faster than Light (FTL) Communication will allow contact aliens through some sort of string theory/quantum communication method that is completely separate from any electromagnetic detecting (the answer to the Fermi Paradox is, "they're on the other line"). We will exchange a lot of knowledge, but never come in contact.
13. Send out the first starship, which will be a generational starship built of a spabitat.

Things I think we will not do (and may never do):
1. Teleport (transporter = impossible)
2. Faster than light travel (impossible). No hyperspace, no warp speed, just plain old moving from here to there in real space/time.
3. Space battles will not occur or will only occur close to space habitats. The "shore batteries" that are used for defense against meteors will be too effective for shipboard weapons and the sensors of a large stationary object will far outstrip any ship. Ships will all be subject to "shore battery" from so far out that ships will be "covered" by shore at all times. Battles will be with infantry in space suits or inside space habitats.
4. Establish colonies ON any of the other moons.


jenn said...

what is that star ship from???

Inner Prop said...

I think that is the space station from 2001.

It is a Stanford Torus.