Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Prop-Time

I just started a new schedule at work. I am still trying to figure out my non-work schedule around it.

I'm now working 1500-2330 (3:00PM to 11:30PM). That means the little Props don't need daycare for the summer, hooray!

It also means that I start work four hours after the people who report to me and stay at work three and a half hours after the last one leaves. Well, I'm moving to a different department soon (hopefully) so they'll have to learn to live without me.


Anonymous said...

At last some sense to summer! This doesn't mean little people don't still get to spend some time in the country, does it? Once you get uourself used to your schedule, let me know. I'll also contact "The one who really knows" and get her take on all of this.

Stay cool this week.

Major John said...

Harold Lloyd!! Excellent pic!

jenn said...

I know the time change is a big pain in the Butt