Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Saucer Crash

It was reported earlier by MAJ I. Prop that the Donut Air Corps recovered the crashed remains of a flying saucer or disc.

In a report released today the DAC retracts the previous statement and issues the following statement: "Oops!"

This is reminiscent of an earlier report by the US Army Air Corps.

[Out of character. I'm really TOed that someone did this to my "UFO" the day before Halloween. We suspect sabotage. Luckily it was designed to be able to dismantle so we can and will rebuild.]


Martin Feng said...

Are you related to this one?

jenn said...

thats not good

Inner Prop said...

Jenn, nope. I was very disappointed.

The one I made this year lasted until I took it down, about a week after Halloween. It will return next year, with improvements.