Thursday, November 02, 2006

Palm-y Days Ahead

Recently I accidentally left my dayplanner at my in-laws house for a week.

I had to dig out the PalmOne Tungsten T5 that the Army (ie. MSG Santa our supply NCO) gave me just before we left Afghanistan (only hours before we left in fact).

So I've been using it for going on two weeks now. It's okay. I'm still getting used to it, but I'm being hit by the gadget bug. Now my Christmas wishlist is complete.

What do you guys think of PDAs in general, T5 and PalmOne in specific?

Any advice?

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oldboy1 said...

Not sure about the Palm gadgets, but I've got a Blackberry through my work that's a phone, has my "up to the minute" e-mail, calendar and contacts. It's very usefull for communications anytime, anywhere (the old ball and chain trick). Sometimes though it makes me want to turn neanderthal and cast away all electronics, go out in the woods, build a campfire and hunt for wild graham crackers, marshmellows, and chocolate.