Monday, September 11, 2006

Illini6 Exclusive!

The Fighting Illini lost this Saturday to Rutgers 33-0. That's sad, but something else happened Sunday with another team that wears orange and blue (NO, not Florida! We were Orange and Blue before they were so go someplace else!)

Da Bears shutout Green Bay. That's right. The Packers had the second longest active non-shutout streak in the NFL and Da Bears shut them out (pass the beef). Guess who the last team to shut out the Pack was? That's right; Da Bears back in 1991 (with Da Coach)!

Here's something even more amazing. That number 4 of theirs, the guy who doesn't even know how to pronounce his own name (but I've heard he's a pretty good football player), can't remember the last time HE was shutout.

He can't remember the last time he was shutout, not because he's so old he has Alzheimer's, not because his bell was rung yesterday, no, because it was so long ago.

Well, I had to dig long and hard to find this, but here it is, an Illini6 exclusive. A photo of Brett Favre (pronounced Fav-Ray) the last time he was shutout.


oldboy1 said...

It seems the Illini have recently tried to help the Bears win as much as they could. The have limited any use of luck during the college game, and came out miserably, to save as much of the state's luck pool for the flagship team.

Congrats on the Illini's....success.

Send me a note if you want NZ rugby dvd's.

jt3mitch1 at hotmail dot com

Inner Prop said...

I do OB1. Sorry I didn't write back last time you said so, I was waiting for something clever to say, but I guess "yes" is as clever as I can muster.

I really appreciate it.

What do you need, blank DVDs, an address to send them to, money, women? Just let me know.

Thanks TONS!