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13 Worldbuilding Questions: Numbers 9 & 10

9. What are some core moral values of this society?

Do people care about basic human rights and freedom of speech? Do they value competitiveness or conformity? Do they value art predominately, or science? Are they interested in other cultures or species, or are they xenophobic? Do they value tradition over progress or the other way around?

Because this is everything, it's hard to talk about.  I think it might be best to describe those aspects of this universe that makes it a horror story setting.

Do the aliens care about human rights; certainly not.  Do they care about freedom of human speech; do you care about freedom of tree speech (okay there are some that care about trees almost in that way, but there might also be aliens that care about humans in that same, save the trees attitude, if they could only get here and had the power to actually do something for us)?

Some of the most powerful aliens are conformist in that they've gathered together to form a sort of hive mind, on the other hand, they can be insanely competitive towards other species.

Art, as far as we can comprehend their concept of art would be on an almost immeasurable scale (at least for the Originator Race).  Creation of an entire universe to their own tastes is to them, art itself.  All the art in our universe ever created they take credit for, as it occurred in their creation under their rules with the materials they ultimately created.

On the other hand, science is an art to them.  The greatest art of all is most likely power and knowledge.

The Originators feel they own all the races.  They spend no time or effort attempting to know of or understand let alone aid or communicate with any lesser civilization, even one at KS V level.

The Deific Race think of themselves as high-minded but perhaps they are more akin to the angry god of the Christian Old Testament, one, but many; loving and condescending; but vengeful and controlling.  They feel they deserve a universe of their own and demand such respect as well as every aid in achieving this.

The Puissant Race is expansionist, imperialist, and elitist.  They desire the downfall of everyone and everything because they know they are incapable of creating their own universe. Where the Deific Race is looking to build a new universe, the PR is looking to destroy this one.  Where the DR are bent on overcoming this universe, the PR and intent on owning and controlling every aspect of it.

This is all unknown and unknowable to us.  We have no way of discovering it on our own.  These races have no intention of explaining themselves to us, even if they know of us.  Even if they tried our minds could not understand it.  For the most part what I have written is a pale comparison, a childish impression, a dim shadow in a room so brightly and widely illuminated the only hint of an impression of the things casting shadows is the almost imperceptible dimming of the light.

10. How do their values affect their mentality on a personal level?

" the mentality of a native differs from yours, based on what the core values of his society are.
For example, if he grew up believing everyone is reincarnated, he might not fear death as much as someone outside of his belief and might be more ready to risk his life. Or if he was brought up to value tradition and history, he might be reluctant to change his ways even in the face of adversity. He might be heavily xenophobic, due to a history full of brutality from foreigners (or alien invasions), and so he might be extremely suspicious of your other-worldly character. All of these things will influence this native’s decision making process, and thus influence the plot..."

I may be starting to sound like a broken record, but these civilizations, these races are beyond our feeble comprehension.  That's part of what makes them frightening.  We can't understand how their civilizations affect individuals, or if they even affect individuals at all.  Their speed of communication and interconnectedness may make the concept of individuals irrelevant.

That in and of itself is an indication of the kind of things question 10 is asking however.  They are all so very powerful and working so closely it undoubtedly affects the components of the civilization (i.e members, or individuals for lack of a better word).  Do they simply feel too crowded; do they feel a lack of privacy or self-determination; do they feel a warm fuzzy, happy feeling as a part of the hive?  I think all of these descriptions are far too simplistic.

What can you be sure the components of these civilizations will do, nothing.  You can be sure of nothing.  To us it may seem all random or chaotic.  

A better way of looking at this question is how do these races affect individuals of our planet.  We mostly don't have any idea of their existence, and any hint of their ultimate power, knowledge, intelligence and complexity frightens people out of their minds, literally.  Their minds could melt and at the very least they will break and plummet into insanity.

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