Sunday, December 06, 2015

13 Worldbuilding Questions: Numbers 1 & 2

I said I was working on 13 Worldbuilding questions, so here is the first installment of the answers.


  1.  Where are we?
  2.  What's the natural environment like?

Of course you are asking yourself, and me, where are we?  What world is this, what stories is this the world for?  What sort of stories will take place in this world.

I'm focusing on horror stories.  I have written and intend to write straight up horror.  My brand of horror is cosmic horror, like H.P. Lovecraft.  I also intend to do mash-up horror, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  I haven't written any yet, but I've wanted to do it a long time.

The mash-up horror would still be cosmic, but I would mix in some other element.

For this "world" building I would keep both these ends of my story telling spectrum in mind, perhaps leaving off some details that are as yet undecided, spoiler-ific, or are outliers specific to one of the story types.

Where are we?  We are in our universe, for the most part.  There are some things about our universe that are unknown to science.  This world does not violate any known scientific laws or facts, but does play a bit in the unknown edges.

My universe is part of a multiverse.  Faster than light travel is impossible, but teleportation is possible.  Travel into the past is impossible, but travel to a parallel universe in which time moved more slowly (thus giving the illusion of backwards time travel) is possible.

Probably most importantly, our universe was created by aliens.  A race from a previous universe became so powerful that they decided they wanted to create their own universe.  Our universe is the result.  

This is not a species as such, because they are beyond reproduction, or physical bodies.  I've called them the Originator Race (or OR).  This race knows nothing of us, nor do they care.  The difference between their intelligence and ours is greater than the difference between our intelligence and a tree.

There are races of intelligent beings in our universe far older, intelligent and powerful than us, but they too are to the Originator Race as we are to ants.

2.  What is the  natural environment like?

There may be pockets of our universe where the physical laws are not the same as they are here.  The physical laws may be subject to the Originators whims, machinations, or ulterior plans.

The universe is vast and mostly cold, and uncaring.  There are parts of the universe that are incredibly hot and uncaring.  The universe is on the brink of collapsing in on itself.

Life is not real.  It is nothing but a very complicated set of chemical and electrical processes played out in what is really mostly emptiness.  There is no good and evil because good and morality do not exist, they are just a lack, or minimization of bad.

Math is reality.  There is no free will.  Love is a chemical reaction.  Death is final.

Frightened yet?

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