Saturday, June 22, 2013

Καλό Καλοκαίρι! Happy Summer!

Wow, Greek again.  That is indicative of my renewed efforts.  I think the only major goal I'm going to have for 2014 is to learn Greek.  I'm going to have to get serious about this.  It has been going on far too long for me to not know it better.

I rode my bike to work four days this week.  That's the most in one week so far this year and I finally hit 25 commutes.  That's very far off the pace I set two years ago when I rode my bike to work over 75 times (that's about 1/3 the workdays in a year and several hundred dollars of savings in fuel alone).  I got rained on very much yesterday and a little earlier in the week.

Let me review my goals:

  1. P90X - done
  2. Learn Greek - behind
  3. Quarterly Dates - No dates so far this year.
  4. Get a New Job - I've been checking the job boards, but haven't found anything yet.
  5. Get Girl Scout Training - done
  6. Gold Commissioner JtE - working on it.  I have to, others are depending on me, especially scouts.
  7. Fortnightly History Podcast - Although I'm far behind in my original schedule,  I've been reading up on Chicago History and podcasting.  I set up my podcasting equipment in anticipation of recording a podcast and of recording the guidebook for the Chicago Lincoln Avenue Trail, but I'm having some trouble getting it to work right.  I think I'm going to tank this as a goal because I need to work on the CLAT more and the others.
  8. Learn the Trees  - I am going to put Learning the Trees and Participate in an Archaeology activity on hold for this year.  By not fretting over these I think I can concentrate on my Greek studies.
  9. Participate in an Archaeology Activity
  10. Join a Club - We'll see.  If it helps to concentrate on Greek to skip this one too, then I will.
For the second half of the year here are my goals in order of importance:
  1. Learn Greek
  2. Gold Commissioner JtE
  3. Get a New Job
  4. Quarterly Dates
Four goals, six months.  Think I can do it?

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Anonymous said...

I commend you on what you've finished. And I applaud you on making the rest of the year doable; afterall, we can only do so much. It doesn't do any good to overload oneself and set yourself up for failure; I'm glad you recognized your list would have done that for you.
Even 4 might be too much for 6 months. Good luck, Dear. I'll be rooting for you. xoxoxoxo Love, Auntie Char ;-p