Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New "Home"

For the third time in the last six months my department has been moved.
I'm sure we're all going to get Exceeds Expectations (the highest) evaluations for Flexibility, but this is ridiculous:
Ok, my new cube may not be this small, but I do think that it is designed to encourage us to spend some days working from home.

If we can break out

I wonder if I can still get back into superheroing:


LTC John said...

You will enjoy your new hamster cage. And you will tell management just that, loudly and frequently...

Inner Prop said...

Pound per pound, inch per inch, hamster cages are far larger.

I was wondering why this big wheel was in here though. It's hooked up to my computer so I guess it is an environmentally friendly power supply.

Inner Prop said...

Oh, I just got an email. It's also part of our new health initiative.