Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Woo Hoo NaNoWriMo 2010 - Done That!

Using my mad ninja writing skills I done it again.  I actually finished earlier than any previous year.
2005 - Win  - Reach Out
2006 - Win  - Guya Principal
2007 - Did Not Win - Cryptaria
2008 - Did not participate
2009 - Did Not Win - Boys of St. Leonard's
2010 - WIN!!!!! - Seekretya

Once again I had to tack on a truncated ending because it will take more like 60k words to actually finish it right, but at least it has an ending and it is 50k words.


Spockgirl said...

Congrats! Is there a link to where one can read part of it?

Inner Prop said...

I can send you all of it (since it's just text it is very small), but there are parts that are just place holders. I have things like, "[a good Trol family name here]" in it and there is a place where about two pages have to be completely rewritten because I changed direction and needed a completely different person to be in a place. I lined it out because I know the new part will be at least as long and likely much longer.

All that considered it's not easy to read yet.

Unfortunately I like to post the first three chapters (that's considered standard for samplers) but I think my opening chapter is weak and I want to rewrite it.

Much better would be to read Guya Principal. The first three chapters of that are on the blog and I can send you the rest if you like it.

With that one it is very complete until the very end when I ran out of time and wrote a cope out ending. The good thing about that is if I ever do get it published the ending won't be spoiled for you.

Spockgirl said...

I'll pop back to take a look at Guya Principal. Thanks.

As for weird word verifications, today it is kingdog, seriously.

Inner Prop said...

Now it's is Viesha. Maybe I'll change Jacque Kraeper's name to Viesha or something.