Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"My" Troops Have Come Home

Time to take down the candle from my virtual window. There has been a candle image at the bottom of this blog for about a year now because a portion of the unit I retired from was deployed to Iraq.

The slice of the Headquarters of the 108th Sustainment Brigade that was deployed to Iraq has come home safely now. I'm so happy and proud of them.

We tried to make sure their families were well informed and looked after while they were gone. Thanks to tireless efforts by many of the wives and friends of the soldiers I think they were, which I'm sure, eased the effort the soldiers made. Speaking from experience, when the home is taken care of, your mission away from home is just a little easier to deal with.

There should be a big thank you going out to lots of people. I don't want to name individuals, but I'd like to send out thanks to a couple of groups.

AVMRA Chapter 7

Vinyard Church

Berwyn VFW


Thanks everybody for helping the families. And


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