Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Blog May Become a Web LOG

My dad has cancer (again). My sister-in-law had suggested that my mom keep a journal and I think I may have to do that. So that got me to thinking, this is a web LOG, or a journal. Then I thought, no that's too public. Then I thought, well, no one comments even if I beg them so the 20 or less people who come here a week are probably not here to read or participate, what the heck.

It's an entirely different perspective on this blog. I've always seen it as a soap box, a public forum, a mouthpiece, a place to publish my writing and my ideas. This new perspective is that it is a private, personal journal of things I write to me for me, except that it is left out on the coffee table of the public TV room for anyone to read. Since I'm not a millionare or a teen aged girl, no one is interested in reading my thoughts. I'm safe in leaving it here in the open.

As long as I don't expect a discussion this would be a fine place to record my thoughts and feelings.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love for this blog to become the hottest thing on the net. I'd love for people to flock here for a lively debate and a really good read. I'd love for some big shot producer (like maybe Speilberg) to call and say, "Hey Prop, I read that story on your blog and I'd love to make a movie out of it, have your people call my people..."

But I'm not expecting it.

And maybe I shouldn't be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

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