Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reading and Snow

The last poll ended with three people saying that Mystery was their favorite genre to read and one person who liked Fantasy best.

One of the best times to curl up with your favorite genre of book is the middle of a snowstorm. Here in northern Illinois it has been the snowiest season since 1981-82. Sure there is no snow now (actually there still are mountains of snow in the corners of parking lots all over, but those can last well into May) but there was a lot.

Each year I think can get by without a snow blower. Some years I regret it, but then it's too late. I have three good shovels, a pretty good system and a couple of helpers now, so if we don't get a 1979 or 1967 type snow I'll be fine.

Besides, my neighbor has a snow blower and he seems to really love using it. After he does his own he usually does mine (if I can't get there in time to beat him to it) and then he moves on down the block.

What do you do about snow? Do you shovel, snow blow, or snow plow? Do you even have a driveway or sidewalk to shovel? Do you live where there is snow? Do you live where there is so much snow that you could never remove it anyway?

Let me know, vote now.

The photo is of yours truly on our garage roof with my father (he's the one actually working) in 1979. We had to shovel off the garage roof so it wouldn't collapse under the weight. I was twelve and despite having fallen down in the photo, I did help.

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