Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cigars for Christmas (Late but Highly Anticipated)

I got my cigars today!

I regularly go to a forum called EDCF (Every Day Carry Forum). The forum focuses on the stuff you carry with you everyday. Some of it is survivalist stuff (you know, stuff you gotta have with you for when the balloon goes up), but a lot of it is just regular everyday stuff that folks that want to be prepared carry.

As an Eagle Scout, I am fairly dedicated to the Boy Scout Motto of: Be Prepared.

Anyways, there was a thread on this forum about what your favorite cigars are. One of the guys participating is from Holland. He was touting the merits of Dutch cigars and offered to send some to anybody who wanted to learn of the majesty of cigars from the Low Countries.

I thought it was a great offer so I asked for some back in November. They finally came today.

I am not complaining at all. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when he is carrying free cigars.

He sent nine cigars (9!) in a VCR tape case. They were also in a Ziploc bag (which was opened, presumably by Customs). Very very generous and now I owe him something, most likely a favorable review of the products of Holland (although some of them may actually be from Cuba (shh)).

I'm really looking forward to trying them and reporting on my experience. My main posts will be on the EDCF, but I'll copy them here.

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